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The Big Push!

Our investor campaign 2.0 is in full swing. We sent out emails, made phone calls, and would be willing to tap dance for dollars if it makes a difference.


And investors have responded. As of this morning we have received over half our goal amount. Even better, we are over 75% towards our goal of having enough money to crowd source the rest. And as you read this, over a dozen investors and producers are mulling over their participation, and at what level.

Keep on dancing, keep on dancing.

It has been an interesting and exciting challenge to fund raise. Sure, I have a mailing list for my writing career (nearly 800 people!) and there are all of you who read this blog (nearly 8 people!), but I had to stretch my circle of contacts further.



I scrolled through all of my Facebook friends to see if there was anyone who might be a match for this project. Who did I find?

  • Out of work actor
  • Unemployed writer
  • Underemployed actor
  • High school teacher
  • Improv instructor
  • Financial planner
  • Waiter (a.k.a. unemployed actor)
  • Dog trainer
  • Doctor
  • Blogger

Wait. Back up. That’s it!

Nope, the improv instructor doesn’t have any extra funds right now. And that dog walker started a GoFundMe for rent. But wait, hold on… financial planner? Doctor?

Should I reach out to these people? One is someone I haven’t spoken to SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. And for those of you who don’t know me personally, that was OVER EIGHT YEARS ago. And the doctor? Wait, a relative is doing very well. I kept scrolling, and found others who were doing well financially, or at least appeared to be doing well on Facebook.

But why would they want to hear from me about money? Won’t they be offended? Am I good enough to ask for money? Is this project worth it? Aren’t there bigger issues in the world today? Who do I think I am?

And then a voice spoke to me:

“Just ask them, dummy.”


“Who you callin’ dummy?”

There’s no harm in asking! People can say no. People can be offended.

But I’m not getting anywhere unless I ask. And so I did.

And do you know what happened?

I got a lot of rejections.

But I reconnected with a lot of people and caught up with them. One friend and his wife are gearing up to adopt. Another friend was in a serious accident and is on the long slow road to recovery, but is recovering. Another friend is making a movie of his own and can’t fund anyone else’s movie. It felt very good to reconnect with people I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. And human contact, albeit electronically, is vital and important.

But it won’t pay for my movie.

But there are a few people who pledged money! And a few others who are considering it. So it was worth it.

If we get greenlit (WHEN we get greenlit!) there will be a lot of uncomfortable moments in the coming months. I have to embrace them. And embrace pushing myself to new and scary places.

This was a good step.

Oh, and if I didn’t connect with you and you want to find out about investing, reach out to me! At the very least, I would LOVE the opportunity to strike up a conversation with you and see how you are doing.

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