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This year I plan to…

I keep a daily journal. Well, I aim for a daily journal, but it’s more like a twice a week journal. My journal is private, which is not to be confused with this public blog for you beautiful people. My journal is a computer document, rather than ye olde handywritten type. (Back in ye olde days they used to grade you on handwriting in school. I never received a better grade than a C. Choosing not to hand write things anymore is me thumbing my nose at that aspect of my education.)  On the morning of January 1st, I sat down to start a fresh new journal document. As I entered the date on the top of page one I had a nagging feeling that I had been down this road before. So I looked back…and here is what I found from day one of previous years:

2009:  “This is definitely a great start to the year.  I’m looking for more pleasure and more success, and will work hard to achieve both.”

2010: “It’s a new year.  There is much to do…so much to do, and happy to be busy.”

2011: “This is the year, not only of hard work, but of hard work paying off.”

2012: “Going to be busy, and that’s how we like it.”

2013: “The big bad year starts now.  A lot of good can happen if we’re open to it, and we work for it.”

I learned a few things. One, I plagiarize myself frequently. Two…I’m boring! Work, work, work, get stuff done. Now, there is one noticeable change, as the “I” became a “we,” which is natural when you get married and frequently work with your spouse. Still, is that all I’m about? Writing about sitting down to work? Do I really need to spend time reminding myself to work hard? Sometimes, sure. So maybe I should stop talking about working and just work. And if on certain days I don’t work, don’t beat myself up about it.

I backed away from the computer, not writing a journal entry on the 1st (I waited until the 2nd). Instead, I spent the start of the new year on the couch with my wife. We watched two movies (Captain Phillips and Side Effects, both very good) and then later that afternoon had some beers with friends, then went to bed. Sure, I worked extra hours the next day. Sure I have a lot to do, and I’m excited to do it all. But you know what? I slept very well that night.

Here’s hoping this year that no matter how you spend your days, you sleep well every night.

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