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Vacation. Leave a message at the beep…

When I was a younger, struggling artist I scoffed at vacations.

Vacation 3
My logic was that if I wasn’t making a living at what I wanted to do, then I was not worthy of a vacation. After all, temporary side jobs are a “vacation” so to speak from what I wanted to be doing, so I didn’t deserve any further time away.

As I became a slightly older and hopefully wiser struggling artist I realize that EVERYONE is entitled to a vacation, be it struggling artists like me, those who make minimum wage, those who are overpaid, and even those Kardashians, whos vacations are barely a blip of difference from their real lives.

That’s because vacations are a change for the mind to reboot. To take a break from the routine, no matter the routine. To stare mindlessly at scenery instead of staring mindlessly at the TV in the living room. Everyone deserves to run like a maniac into the ocean, to overeat to the point of vomiting on a cruise ship, and to walk very slowly and stare up at buildings. After all, most of us haven’t reached our goals in life yet, and waiting until that happens means no one would ever leave home.

This is a lengthy roundabout way of saying that I am on vacation. Two days ago I turned in new drafts of the two different scripts I was working on to the two directors who will be turning them into movies. Then I logged out of my computer (and even shut it off!) and my wife and I hit the road. I am currently blogging from the office in my parent’s apartment, thousands of miles away from my living room. Tomorrow we leave here and head back to New York City, a.k.a. the mothership to those who spent time there. Dinners, a wedding, a party…a change of scenery.

Okay, it’s not a total vacation. I am checking and even answering some emails. I have scheduled a meeting with my manager in New York and would consider other meetings if they came up. I’m writing this blog from my parent’s office instead of mindlessly staring at the scenery. I inherited that from my father, who used to bring files of boxes to the week we’d spend at a beach house every summer when I was a kid. However,  for the most part for the next six weeks I’m relaxing, laughing, eating, drinking, exercising, and breathing different air. We should all be so lucky.


See you in September.

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