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Sprinting toward the finish line

Much to do this week.

Two deadlines, both imminent.

Sweating through my pen!


That half-assed haiku is brought to you by caffeine and forced distraction. The deadlines approacheth…am I prepared? August 1st (that’s in 5 days!) is the deadline for turning in rewrites of It is Done. I took notes from the director and my own notes, and dove back in on the adaptation. First printing out a paper copy (don’t worry, mama Earth, I’ll shred and recycle it when I’m done) and then drastically marking it up in blue, which is actually my favorite part of the writing process. A page with lots of edits, cuts and notes is a sign that I am doing my job. Once I’ve gone through the edits on paper, then it’s back to the computer. Finished paper edits a few days ago and I’m knee deep in rewrites. If all goes according to plan, I will finish computer edits by tomorrow night, then on Monday I’ll print out a new copy (I know, I know) and do the process all over again. Turn it in on Wednesday.  Then the real work begins.

The other script deadline is August 15th. First draft of a script. Which is actually a second draft…I mentioned in an earlier post that no writer worth his or her salt ever shows anyone a first draft. We may TELL you it’s a first draft…but it ain’t. That one I had scheduled six weeks to write, then a week off, then a week to edit, which means I am in my final week of writing, which is about right, as I’ve just crossed the 70 page threshold. Next week will be busy. Heck, this week is busy. But it’s my job.

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