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In Exile

A self imposed exile, so to speak.

I can see my script from afar, across glittery waters. Well, I can see it inches from my face, barely hidden in a folder. But I can’t touch it.


Not that I don’t want to. I do. I’m ready to dive back in, but I vowed to keep my distance so I can gain some perspective. I so want to stage a reading, to show it off, to shoot it and show it off to the world. But it’s not ready. And I have to be deliberate.

It helps that I’m busy. I have been hired to write another screenplay and am outlining that one. I have a part time job as well. And it’s been a week of seeing two plays, and one table read of a web series. Being an observer is a great way to pass the time while exiled.

All of us are often in exile from something important to us. We have other errands, chores, jobs or responsibilities that keep us away from something we should be doing. All these distractions should not be looked at as obstacles or time wasters, but as ways of allowing your mind to grow while focusing elsewhere. Some famous writer (don’t ask, I can’t remember) used to chop wood for hours, and when his wife asked him what he was doing, he simply replied “I’m writing.”

So what I’m saying is by not working on the script I’m making myself a better writer! That’s pretty cool. As long as I don’t remain in exile forever. Then I’m just lazy.

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