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The Story


When it comes to my writing, I have only one superstition: I won’t talk about the script until a first draft is finished. Like Fight Club and the C.I.A., I operate on radio silence until the words “The End” or “Fade to Black” are typed. There is no real justification for my superstition, like my idea will get stolen or armageddon will strike. I just feel that if I talk about something before it’s complete, I may analyze it in the wrong way. The angry monkey named Self-Doubt that sits on our shoulder during the writing process may stretch his legs and dance around if I open my mouth. So I keep it quiet.

This makes it hard to blog. No one wants to read a blog where nothing happens, no new information is revealed. So I have to open up a little bit. So here’s a little tidbit about the script I am writing, the genesis of the idea that sparked the story:

A woman goes to L.A. to find her sister, who has been out of contact for a long time.

That’s it! I did it. And the monkey is still snoozing on my shoulder. Everyone keep quiet and maybe he’ll stay asleep for another month so I can finish the draft.

2 thoughts on “The Story

  1. I can appreciate your superstitiousness. But I just can’t contain my enthusiasm. My dad reads every scene I write immediately after I have a draft of them. I keep giving out teasers on my blog. I’ve recruited several “beta-readers” who are helping me with the draft as I finish it. I just can’t keep it to myself.

  2. HIstorically, I’ve been the same way – mum’s the word about the script I’m writing, until I at least have a completed first draft. Though, lately, I’ve been diverging from that trend. However, I think it’s gotten in the way of my writing process. So, currently, I’m trying to re-assess my approach, all over again.

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