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The first step…

This blog will follow a film project from near inception to release…and everything in between.

My name is Alex, and I am a playwright/screenwriter/filmmaker/theater producer and many other slashes. My wife Catia and I recently moved to Los Angeles after a long time in New York. We hated to leave the wonderful city that has been home to both of us since the last millennium, but we were eager to explore the options and possibilities available to us on the other coast. In early 2012 we came out for a trial period, and during those seven months we produced a successful run of my play It is Done, she booked a few commercials, I signed a movie development deal…all clear indications that we were on the right track. We knew we were going to stay. We went back to New York and over a frantic seven weeks we opened my new play America’s Brightest Star, sold all our furniture to friends and on Craigslist, survived Superstorm Sandy and the subsequent nor’easter a week later, said goodbye to friends, and moved out of our fifth floor 700 square foot two-bedroom walkup on 103rd Street in Manhattan and drove across country…for the third time in a year. No turning back.

My brief time in L.A. so far has been wonderful. We have a lovely apartment with more modern amenities than our Mad Men era appliances in New York (yes, in 2012 we were still defrosting the freezer every three months). There is more room here. The weather is sublime and cannot be overrated. My play from our trial period was named a top production of the year by The Huffington Post. I have a script in development. I have a talented, hard-working and supportive manager who is hustling to get me work, on top of the hustling I do to get work. Things are promising.

But something is missing. And that is something I’ve discussed with other actor, writer and director friends. We work for years to hone our craft, and then if we are truly successful, we spend most of our time trying to get a job than actually doing what we love. So while I’m hustling for a job, I want to actually be working on something concrete. A project. A product.

For months I’ve been talking about making a movie, something small, something I can do with limited financial resources, incorporating the talents of other underworked artists. Make a movie. Create something that I can look back on when the day is over and say “there, I made that.”

So I’m making that. This blog, my droplet of water in the Internet Ocean, will chronicle the journey from conception of an idea to a finished project. What it takes. And all the wonderful people who will join this project along the journey. The first step.

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